Mossed Tree Bark Unwrapped

March 27, 2020

This time, a very simple mossy tree bark texture from a nearby park. Sorry for the quality, it’s not the best as i used whatever i had with me – a phone camera. In addition, I used a technique i promised myself I will never use – a mirroring (to make it seamless). Bu however in this case – it kind of work.

2k resolution should be enough to make a few branches in 3D where close quality and sharpness is not a priority.

Enjoy! – don’t hate 😉

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Real life examples

Textured letter
Mossed Tree Bark Unwrapped printed on t-shirt
Textured shape
logo presentation
Interior Photo Wallpaper
logo presentation
wallpaper interior
iphone wallpaper
Interior Photo Wallpaper


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