Climbing Vine on the neutral, light facade

February 4, 2020

I used an opportunity on the last xmas family visit, to shoot a new texture. That’s what i do when i’m traveling. Despite it was totally naked from leaves (winter) I found this vine somehow interesting and decided to give it a shoot. Hope you find it helpful in your designs.

Texture is quite big (6000px x 9000px) and very sharp as it was stitched from 3 pictures i think. Enjoy!

# # # # # # # # | Colors, Free Textures, Grey, Plants

Real life examples

Textured letter
Climbing Vine on the neutral, light facade printed on t-shirt
Textured shape
logo presentation
Interior Photo Wallpaper
logo presentation
wallpaper interior
iphone wallpaper
Interior Photo Wallpaper


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.jpg6000px * 9000px44.21 MBDOWNLOAD

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